Shakshuka – Eggs in tomato sauce

This dish is perfect for Sunday morning. One pan like this can feed up to 5 people. This Middle East dish is very tasty and healthy. You can literally prepare it within 20 minutes and it is life savior when you are hungry like a bear. While traveling around the Europe and Mediterranean  I realized how popular this dish is. In Mediterranean it is called “Shakshuka”, on the Balkans it is called “Miš-Maš” and in the Central Europe it is called “Lečo”. Yet the preparation is little bit different but ingredients are everywhere the same. I have tried all of them and to be honest this one is the best. Don’t hesitate and go cook it !

Serves: 4-5
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Really easy


– 6 eggs
–  fresh mushrooms
– 1 medium onion
– 2 garlic cloves, minced
– 1 Red Bell pepper
– 2 cans diced tomatoes
–2 Tbs tomato paste
– 1 tsp cumin
– 1 tsp paprika
– 1 tsp sugar
– salt & pepper to taste

How to do it:

Step 1: Cook onion, minced garlic and bell pepper cut on small cubes about 5 minutes until softened. Add the mushrooms, tomato paste and diced tomatoes .
Step 2: Add cumin, paprika, sugar, salt & pepper and let it shimmer between 10-15 minutes until it starts to reduce.
Tip&Tricks – Based on the thickens of the sauce you prefer you can cook it longer than 15 minutes.
Step 3: Add the eggs and cover the pan. Cook until the eggs are cooked.
Finish: Before serving add fresh parsley or feta cheese on the top of shakshuka.

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